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Lirik Lagu un1ted - Noyan Finally Gets To Meet Her Insecurities

(Verse1: BackALLEY)

Say I'm 18, but brain is bigger than 80s'
Open your eyes, you know what the meanin of my name is
I got no pop music in my fuckin playlist
Whatever I do my ass is where the motherfuckin blame is on
Imma play a song that I been contemplatin on after the conversation
And it's true I'm not the greatest, but I'm truly underrated, you know I be dominatin it
Money can't be the reason I'm gonna play it big, you made me think about it
Life without reachin your goal is like taxi without a passenger like what the fuck you even here for?
Life is made to get goals, you base it round the c-note?

(Verse 2: BackALLEY)

Fuck with my faith, you be wakin the monster
Fuck with pride, you be facin the monster
Fuck with my dreams, you be makin the monster
Eat you, better shed your shell like lobster
The deeper in the wrong way the farther from the right path
Don't you ever wanna wake up the man in your blind ass?
I'm better than 90 percent of rappers you heard of
People will never understand, that makin me nervous
I'm just livin for Hip-Hop and that's my fuckin purpose and I murder who fuck with me lyrically, even God MC, probably none of you have heard of BackALLEY cause

Record labels ignore me, they gotta have a bad luck
Everyone goin against me gotta have a bad luck
They be crawlin back to me, but I on give a damn bruh
They crawlin back to me, then I be startin to act up

(Outro: BackALLEY)

And it's like
I didn't survive death to be average
You know I'm meant to be savage
And I will mentally damage em
And I'll verbally bang em
I'm made for victory, rappers
Can never fuck with me, cause
Nobody can hold me down even if it be gravity
I'm rapidly rappin you can't be grabbin the mic
BackALLEY be having the rhymes flow and the heaters'll die slow

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