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Lirik Lagu Randy - The Itch You Can Not Scratch

[Sung by Johan B. Stefan had a cold]
The itch, have you heard about the itch you can not scratch. It infects through the senses and develops through the mind, paralysis some parts of the brain. The carriers are usaly bold with aggressive personalities. And an intelligence level far beyond the average, they're just to fucking stupid to see that its up to me, its up to you, its up to everyone, because the rain will fall soon. and it will bring darkness and eventually snow. it will bring sorrow and pain and the problem will grow. The itch have you heard about the itch you can not scratch. Ignorance, its a disease, ignorance, by all mean, s Ignorence and violence is just like a disease, its contagious and unbarable we need a medicine that heals.

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