My hats and pincushions!

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Lirik Lagu Me and That Man - Cross My Heart and Hope to Die

I am looking for compression
I have come to raise the dead

I aint coming for forgivenss
I am not praying for my sins
I betrayed you my sweet Jesus
I have chosen hell on earth
I will get away with murder
I will get away with pride

Dont expect me to be sober
When you know I'm running wild
I dont wear no crown of thorns
Will you know i never pray
I will offer no salvation
I was born to raise from hell

In the garden I met my old friend
He is the one with many names
We have always been like brothers

Now I wear my graveyard suite

We aint coming for forgivenss
We are not praying for our sins
We betrayed you O my sweet Jesus!
We have chosen hell on earth

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