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Lirik Lagu Secret Service - Cry Softly (time Is Mourning)

Fingers walk the edge of time
we don't know just how to taste it.
Like a blue and wailing song our time runs in
And then runs out wasted.
Rubbing sleep out of your eyes waking up to find me calling.
Let's not wait or take too long the castle you once built so strong isfalling
Cry softly time is mourning longing for you at the dawning.
dreams will last forever. Tell me your heart is burning
Knowing that the tide is turning
dreams will last forever
See the night pass in my eyes
feel the pain inside me crying.
Like a blue and wailing song out time runs in and then runs out dying.
Cry softly time is mourning . . .
Cry softly time is mourning . . .
Cry softly time is mourning . . .

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